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Land Clearing Services

During the land clearing process, shrubs, trees and other vegetation are removed from a piece of land. This can be done for a variety of reasons, but for GRND it means preparing the land for future use.

Once the lot has been cleared, the lot will need to be graded and leveled before construction can begin.

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    Tree Removal Services

    Tree removal service is one of the initial steps in the process. This is usually done with a bulldozer or excavator, but can also be done by hand. Removing trees from a lot is important to clear the way for future projects and to make sure that the roots of the trees do not damage the foundation of your new building.

    land clearing with a small excavator in preparation for future construction

    Grading and Leveling of a property

    Another excavation step is grading and leveling. Grading is the process of sloping the land so that water will run off of it, rather than pooling on top of it. This is important to prevent flooding and erosion. Leveling is the process of making sure the lot is even, so that your foundation will be level and your building will be stable.

    Soil Removal

    This is the process of removing the top layer of soil from an area of land. This is usually done with a bulldozer or excavator, but can also be done by hand. Removing soil is important to get rid of any rocks or other debris that could damage your foundation or cause problems during construction.

    Soil removal is the process of removing topsoil, which is the layer of soil that contains the most nutrients. This is important to do before construction, because it gives the foundation a chance to settle properly and prevents erosion.

    Why choose GRND for your lot clearing needs?

    There are many reasons to choose GRND for clearing land. We have the experience and the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also have the knowledge to grade and level your land so that it is ready for construction. And, we can remove any trees or shrubs that might get in the way of your new building.

    We offer lot clearing services as part of the excavation process to both residential, commercial and industrial clients. We have the equipment and experience necessary to clear any size piece of land quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to get started.

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